Harmful Chemicals in Beauty Products

Do you know what’s in your beauty products?

This is a topic that’s been getting a lot more attention lately, as it should! It’s easy to apply those products daily and not really look into what’s actually in them (ignorance is bliss, right?!), but I’m encouraging you to put those products down and educate yourself!

Doctors, safer beauty companies and media outlets are finally advocating for safer products and more transparency between consumers and products. Everyone has the right to know what they’re putting onto their skin.

An example of a harmful ingredient is Phthalates, a known endocrine disruptor which is often listed as ‘fragrance’ aka a combination of up to 3,000 fragrant ingredients. They can be found in almost any product including your perfume, cleaning supplies, fabric softener, food containers, make-up, and nail polish. Phthalates can affect your estrogen production. This will in turn affect the quality of eggs you produce, how an egg is fertilized, and even the lining of your uterus for an embryo to attach to. Women who have high exposure to phthalates are at a higher risk of miscarriage, even before pregnancy is known. It has also been linked to higher rates of endometriosis. To reduce your exposure, you will need to clean out a lot of the products you are most likely using.

Reading labels can be often be confusing and misleading. Companies will sometimes even suggest a product is natural or organic, but this does not necessarily mean the product is safe. To make this process a little less intimidating, I recommend an app called Think Dirty #notanad It allows you to search or scan any product, and instantly get a rating and product breakdown on why it’s safe or not. After using this app, I’ve made MANY changes (it was alarming and scary to see what was in some products I thought were safe).


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