Custom Embryo Painting Giveaway

“It must be in the water”, they said as everyone was ending up pregnant. Let me tell you, I chugged that water! It didn’t work! 5 years later, after multiple medications, ultrasounds, IVF cycles, high hopes and letdowns, we finally have our rainbow. I wanted to capture the uniqueness of all of our transferred embryos, so I turned to painting as my outlet. I’m a teacher by day, mom in the evening (really all day!), and painter after bedtime.” -Roxy, Owner Dear Coco Design

This giveaway includes one custom 5×7 embryo painting, which can have up to 3 embryos in your chosen color palette, and can also be reserved for a later date if your transfer hasn’t happened yet or you don’t know the gender(s)!

To enter this giveaway, head over to our Instagram page!

Contest closes August 23, 2019. Open to Canada, USA and UK Residents.


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