Lisa’s Story

“Hi there warriors!
I´m Lisa, a 34-year-old girl from Sweden. I have five different autoimmune diseases and one of them is premature ovarian failure, similar to early menopause (which means I can never have biological babies).
When I was 26 years old, my menstruation disappeared and unfortunately the doctors at first gave me the wrong reason. Even though I already had three autoimmune diseases at this stage, they said it was because of too much training and too little body fat… I feared it was just another autoimmune disease, and this was also what they could confirm one year later. Then I met other doctors, specialized within the area, and they could finally determine it was POF.
I went through IVF to try to save eggs, but IVF failed, it was already too late. I do regret I didn´t see another doctor straight away, because then IVF might have ended up differently. So, if you ever doubt/don´t feel secure about what the doctors say – go to another one for a second opinion!!!
This was tough and the diseases make me feel tired – sometimes more, sometimes less. But I try to stay positive and don’t let the diseases stop me from doing what I love to do! One of my biggest passions is training, it makes me feel so much better, stronger, happier and it´s a great tool for handling my autoimmune diseases! I´m laughing a lot and try to make the most out of each day.
At last I want to thank everyone here who inspires me, I would like to give each one of you fighting a big hug. Let´s stay strong together.”


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