Esther’s Story

Will and I decided that we wanted to start a family in 2017. I found out I was pregnant after eight months of trying the “natural way.” I was so excited and wanted to tell Will on Father’s Day. Which meant I had to keep it to myself for about a week. I put my positive pregnancy test in a jewelry box that was made for a bracelet and gave it to him on the morning of Father’s Day, and we were both completely overjoyed! I had made an appointment with my OB to confirm my pregnancy and to make plans from there.

On June 22nd, 2017 which was Will’s 30th birthday I went in for more blood work, but there was a problem… my OB had ran 2 hcg blood tests to make sure my pregnancy levels were rising properly, but I was told that my levels were not in the “normal range” for a normal pregnancy – my levels weren’t doubling up, or going down, but staying stable.

My OB indicated that it could possibly be an ectopic pregnancy and asked me to do another blood test to see if it stayed the same by tomorrow. I got the phone call that it looked like it was an ectopic, and that I needed to be seen right away.

I went to the ER and was taken to ultrasound which confirmed an ectopic. From there, I had to terminate the pregnancy. I was lucky enough that I did not have to have surgery. But unfortunately we would also not be having a baby. In one day we went from thinking we would be getting the best Father’s Day & birthday gift to having nothing. But that did not hold us down and we kept trying.

Fast forward a year later. I became pregnant again! Finally! This time I found out I was pregnant on Mother’s Day. I was so happy and wanted this to be it. But a day after I found out, I became really sick and was taken to the ER and again, another ectopic. This time I wasn’t so lucky – my left tube had ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery to remove my tube.

I was left with one tube that had too much scar tissue – increasing my chances of another ectopic if we tried the naturally again. This is the reason for choosing IVF.

We started our 1st IVF journey in November 2019. We put in 2 embryos and are so blessed to say we got a BFP with 1 strong baby! I’m still nervous and probably will be until this baby is born. I hope my story can bring some hope and comfort for others who have struggled with ectopics or infertility in general!

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