Mafe’s Infertility and Miscarriage Story

Two years ago I began the hardest, most painful, challenging journey of my life. My husband and I decided that after one year of marriage, it would be the perfect time to start trying for a baby. I have always been a healthy, active young women, I have never suffered any disease or issue with my body, so I thought I was perfect to start the most wonderful adventure of my life.
Since months passed and nothing happened, I started to hear my body. I was feeling that something with my fertility wasn’t OK, but no one believed me. Everyone said I had to relax and to take it easy, but I continued hearing my body saying that something wasn’t ok; so with no support, I started looking for a fertility doctors help.
I was first diagnosed with unexplained infertility and after 8 clomid cycles, 1 IUI that ended in a miscarriage and 1 failed IVF, I was devastated and thought I had lost everything. But I had a clear dream and I had to continue fighting to achieve it.
So I started searching for more help and met with another doctor, who started everything all over again. After more exams, he diagnosed me with low egg reserve. At 27 years old, I had a low AMH and I needed to have some egg retrievals to get the highest amount of eggs and have them safe before my AMH got lower.
In this part of my journey I was in absolute peace and putting everything in God’s hands. After 2 eggs retrievals and one transfer (2 embryos) I got my miracle – I was pregnant with not one little baby, but with two little rainbow babies.
Our dream came true. Never loss faith.

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