Sugar – The Addiction is Real.

Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. It’s recommended women consume no more than 6 TSP per day (roughly 10% of calories consumed), but the average adult consumes 13-26 TSP of sugar per day!


Sugar is made up of roughly equal parts glucose and fructose. When we consume it, the pancreas releases insulin, which helps our cells use glucose as fuel. However, if we eat more sugar than our bodies can process, insulin instructs our system to store the excess as fat, and we gain weight. The more you weigh, the greater your risk for such health conditions as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Where to Start?
It takes time to adjust to reducing/eliminating sugar and there can be some withdrawal symptoms including headaches, fatigue, moodiness, and extreme cravings. Making small changes everyday can be an easier adjustment vs. completing eliminating sugar overnight. Start-by using more natural sugars e.g. dried/fresh/frozen fruits, maple syrup, honey to replace refined sugars.


Benefits of Going Sugar Free:
I first made the switch to go refined sugar free years ago after trying to gain more control over my PCOS and overall health. I noticed many changes including less breakouts, decreased mood swings, increased energy levels, less cravings, weight loss, and naturally making better food choices overall.


Side Effects of Too Much Sugar:
While you may know that too much sugar can cause weight gain, here are some other effects that sugar can have on your body:
Suppressed immunity
Lack of energy
Increased risk of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure
Reduced HDL cholesterol and increased LDL cholesterol
High insulin levels/insulin resistance


Does This Mean I Have to Stop Eating Foods I Love?
I love to bake and cook! With access to the internet, there’s thousands of recipes to choose from for whatever’s on your menu. Some of my favorite sites to use are Chocolate Covered Katie, Texanerin Baking, Beaming Baker, Ambitious Kitchen, & Oh She Glows.


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