We All Wonder – When Will a BFP Appear After a Transfer?!

Every month during the 2ww, a lot of us fall into the POAS (peeing on a stick) trap! Each day we wake up and test first thing, hoping and praying that a BFP will finally appear. Some of us have been lucky enough to experience a positive test, while others haven’t. But, whether we’ve had a positive, or two, or three, or are still ‘patiently’ waiting, we all still wonder “when would a home test show 2 lines during the 2ww?” The answer doesn’t fit into a small box with one answer. So many factors come into play, including if it was a day 3 or day 5 transfer, frozen or fresh embryo, embryo grade, if the embryo was hatching or not at time of transfer, and if twins are possible (more than 2 transferred?) . All of these can effect when implantation would take place and when hcg hormone would start appearing in the bloodstream.
Typically, women start testing from 4dpt onward (some sooner to ensure trigger shot is out of their system and they don’t get a false positive). From day 4 to day 10 is the average range for testing at home. Below you will see when women generally start getting their BFP at home:


It’s interesting to see when those BFP (often squinters at first) start to appear. I know it’s something a lot of us obsess over and start googling during the 2ww. It seems the majority of women start to get a positive on day 5, but many don’t get a positive up until day 10. I’ve even heard of a few getting negatives until their blood test! So, as a reminder, don’t compare your cycle to others. Just because you get a negative test on day 4, don’t give up hope! Everyone is so different and unique, you’re ultimately better off waiting until you blood test to save yourself some sanity, but I know how difficult that can be.

If you’ve gotten a positive home test, how many days past transfer was it?
XOX The IVF Warrior