First Rule: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We are all guilty of it. Comparing ourselves to others. Whether it’s strangers, friends, family, or social media acquaintances, we all have those days where we look at someone and think “wow, that person really has it all together.” Some will feel sadness, jealousy, or even anger, thinking “why can’t I have that too?”

People often present themselves to the world as a more perfect, less-flawed version. Everyday we see it all over social media with people posting about their ‘perfect’ relationship, world travels, family, job, etc. It becomes too easy to forget that they’re only showing what they want other people to see. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

I learned quickly while working as a women’s counselor, that given the right environment and asking the right questions can get even the most ‘perfect’ person to open-up about their failures and struggles, often daily ones. Whether it’s financial worries, self-esteem issues, relationship troubles, mental health issues such as anxiety or depression… We often have no idea what battles others are fighting.

Comparing ourselves to others does nothing useful, it only generates unnecessary worries, sets unrealistic expectations, and creates a negative state of mind which jeopardizes our own success. We all have strengths and weaknesses and once you’re able to accept who you truly are, you’ll not only find peace, but you’ll find the strength to succeed and to move forward with your own journey.

So, to all of you amazing women fighting these daily battles, I want to remind you that you’re doing a great job being you! Continue to hold your head high and know it’s a hard battle we’re all facing. Something most know nothing about. Next time you’re about to compare yourself to someone, remind yourself that you’re strong and deserve happiness too. Remember, daily self-love sets the tone for your life because how you speak to yourself is the only voice that truly matters.

P.S. You’re all warriors in my eyes!

XOX The IVF Warrior

Photo courtesy of @positivelypresent


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